Just a quick one.

[ 11:43 a.m ]

I am here on my bed, still revising physics bcs the exam is tmr fella hahhahaa. So i just had breakfast with my lil' sister since i have no school today since i have nothing to do if i go to school so let's just chill at home, vigorously selak the books lol

ive been missing this blog and i do have time, honestly to update the blog but since i have no story to share bcs my life was a total bored for these past months, and if i were to write a story in this blog, it would be about books, books, revision and hectic days. fuhh lap peluh jap.

it has been 2 weeks, and i have another two weeks, well not really two weeks, about 1 week and 2 days before i finish my spm and i feel that this week is sooooo long and i can't wait till the week is over bcs i am so done with all these books. 

how's my 2 weeks so far? it has been quite good, alhamdulillah. hopefully the examiner will be pleased with my papers hahahha hopefully the penandaan will go smoothly. and maybe if there were any miracle, my wrong answers will change to the right answers. who knows? lol . only Allah will do the job. i can do nothing but pray. 

i think that's all for today. i have nothing on my mind. perhaps my typing skill has slowly faded and errr i think that's all for now. adios. see you in another week, and it will be a very long post i tell you. wassalam. 

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