June 26, 2016

From a student.

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There was a time where i felt so depressed about myself. I felt so anxious. Anxious about my future. Like how is it gonna be. is it gonna be good or bad? 

I love making myself busy. It makes me forget about the society. 

For these past months, ive been so busy until i abaikan tanggungjawab as a student. I do noticed that, but still ambil endah tak endah sebab terlalu fokus dekat satu benda. Sampai satu masa, even nak luangkan masa dengan kawan kawan pun dah takde. 

"Kau ni busy sangat lah, sampai takde masa dah nak belajar dengan kiteorang"
"Kau ni, tak penat ke?"
"Cuba ambil satu hari tu, rehat. Kesian aku tengok kau"

Those friends. Thank you for taking care of me. Thank you for those words. But, i still ignored. Like there's nothing going to happen. Same goes to mama. She told me the same thing, I need to rest. Rest from what ive been doing.

I do feel tired. I'm a normal human being. I'm not a robot. I'm not putting the blame on what ive been doing. But, i put the blame on myself. 

Kenapa kawan aku yang lain, yang masuk benda yang sama, busy jugak, tapi boleh fokus, boleh buat, tapi aku tak boleh?

What's the main reason? Self-management.

Time is really killing me. And even I am killing myself. I miss the old me, the one who really loves the society. Who is really passionate about what she's doing. Loves to do everything she wanted. Doesn't really care what everyone has said about her. Because she knows herself better than anyone does. 

There was a time when I sat down, kept myself in the hypnotized mode. And I started to cry, because I'm so disspointed about myself. I'm not doing well. Everything was going out of control. I can't put myself in a conscious way. I can't think properly. I'm stucked. 

Orang sekeliling letak harapan tinggi kat kita. Bila kita sendiri tak letak harapan tinggi dekat benda yang kita buat. Tapi, harapan orang sekeliling tu, what makes us feel small. We are afraid that we might dissapoint them.

Hopes are fine. It keeps us motivated. It makes us wanna do much better. Tapi, bukan ke lagi elok, kita bagi dia semangat lagi daripada letak harapan tanpa bagi sokongan. It's like cooking the instant noodle in the microwave. We expect that it will turn out as good as it cooks in a pot with lots of ingredients. But, end up differently.

I spent too much time on other people. I focused on something else rather than myself. I focused on others while myself? Hahahhaha don't even care. Apa orang nak buat, buat. Sakitkan hati, buatlah. But, in the end, the one who felt the pain? Me. No one will know. Sebab yang kena siapa? Aku.

My parents are the type which they are not forcing me to study, no curfew, but still they have their words for me to take care of myself. I know when is the appropriate time for me to be home. I tried my best not to get myself into trouble. I know they are hoping for me to do well. They often told me, eventhough I'm not into what I'm currently studying, but do your best. Because there must be a reason for every things that happened. 

I literally cried everytime someone touched the sensitivity especially about parents. Because no matter what, family comes first. There were times where I ignored them, like for a while. But, I'm so grateful that I realized it quickly and got back on track where I used to be.

But, in the end. I'm here. No matter what, I have to face this. Keep yourself strong, 5 months left, and you're good to go. 

Good luck dearself

June 25, 2016

A Change is a MUST

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People grow up. From time to time. and suddenly, she will stop. Stop from being who she was. And turns into a butterfly. Decent butterfly.

But, life never meant to be happy forever. There are ups and downs. People come and go. But, she embrace it, because she knows. Nothing lasts forever. Even your brooch would dissapear in any moment. see, even your closest thing can't stand you. 

In life, it meant to be taught by everyone that have ever appeared in your life. Thanks to them, you have learned how to be strong, how to be ruthless, how you can be happy -- and most important thing, how to appreciate. 

But, sometimes, you need a change. There are so many things happening in your life, until that one  time, it's time for you to change. Because you need it. Let me share a story. there was a mouse who went into a maze and found a cheese, after a few times it went into the same way, the cheese ran out. but, the mouse kept on wondering, who moved the cheese? see? life never meant to be in the same way, forever. You need to make a change, choose other path, even better path. 

For yourself. not for others.

Changing what surrounds you will give you a new and approach perspective. Simple thing like changing your outfit, your styles will give you a new positive vibes.

I know it's hard, girl. But, life has taught you everything. Will you keep on going the same way? As the mouse?

Smile. Doing things with the smile will make everything seems much easier. Even when it's hard. And it will let everybody knows that you are ready for whatever comes in your way. It's the best cosmetic and it will never go out of style.

But, never stop dreaming.
You know who you are. Good luck.

June 11, 2016

#Tips ; Ramadhan Hacks!

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hye, assalamualaikum peeps! happy ramadhan al-mubarak :) wowwww, its been a long time since i updated my blog. things have been crazy lately, ive been busy with school, robotics and stuffs. speaking of robotics, i will be doing a blogpost abt it hahahah okay enough of that

its been like, almost a week of Ramadhan. yes, pejam celik pejam celik, tinggal 25 hari je lagi puasa, so within this time, i will share with you guys, 5 simple hacks to enjoy and cherish your Ramadhan 2k16 even better!

1. Sahoor like a baws!

// I know a lot of you guys susah nak bangun sahur, eventhough alarm dah letak setiap lima minit, snooze lagi, masih tak bangun. well, for those who are having problems like this, especially yang duduk sorang, duduk kat dorm or anywhere else. here's a tip for you ;

Instead of bangun dengan mamai and shoveling every foods in your mouth like a barbarian without knowing what the hell are you eating for sahoor, do this ;

  • Prep your sahoor meal the night before, just a simple snack, macam roti, kacang, kurma or even more fancier, play with your food. spreads peanut butter on your crackers, or nutella, anything you want. and dont forget your beverage, which i suggest to take milk or 2 glass of plain water to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Wrap your meal with a plastic wrap so you won't trap any germs in your foods. Letak sebelah katil, so bila alarm bunyi nanti, bangun, duduk atas katil, makan makanan yang korang dah siapkan semalam lepas terawih tu. Serious talk, even with a small amount of food, but with proper amount of nutritions and as long as you are full, you are good to go! sebab nak makan sampai kenyang sangat buat apa, nanti subuh tak larat nak bangun.

Well, i really hope yang korang akan bangun lah untuk sahur, kalau tak, semuanya sia sia jeeeee hahahah 

 by the way, kurma is good for you. Kurma helps to keep yourself full. So, don't forget your kurma! or for subtitute, any raisins or nuts :) and kurma is delicious mehhhhh. personally, i'm not a fan or kurma before, but i learn and learn to love kurma, and now i love kurma soooo much! too many love word staph it

2. Maintaining your ibadah

Yeahhhh, i know. lots of tips have been posted online lately. but, well this is my post so this is my hack on maintaining my ibadah during ramadhan, maybe you could try this as well!

First ; Quran

Just a simple hack. The Quran has at least 600 pages.  If you divide it by 30 days, that's 20 pages a day. see, that’s difficult to do isn't it? yes, we are doing some kind of mathematics here. But, if you divide into 5 prayers a day, it gets much easier. If you read 4 pages after every prayer in Ramadhan, then you’ve completed the Holy Quran. even better, 

Well, i didnt get a chance to complete my quran every year bcs of my 'girl thing', but ive tried and so far, as long as you istiqamah with what you do, you are good to go! and one more, 30 days in ramadhan equals to 30 juz in Quran, so a juz a day, would be good, right?  Keep in track by creating a schedule, and list-to-do, once you are done, erase or just simply put a tick on the task.

Second ; Solat terawih

Solat terawih, only once in a year, which is Ramadhan! so, why dont you grab the chance on doing tarawih in this blessful month? Here is what i've been doing whenever i go solat terawih ;

  • Bawak air, especially air kosong. to keep yourself hydrated during the rakaat. our body tends to be tired after 4 rakaat or so, minum air frequently. bawak kismis, sebagai kudapan sementara tazkirah masa terawih, tapi janganlah bawak satu balang seperti tiada hari esok. itu bukan kudapan, itu ku dakap tanganku di mukamu nanti. just a nice amount would do the job. 

  • Basuh telekung selalu. I mean, telekung with good fragrance attracts you more to do the ibadah right? pshycology mannn, pshycology. tapi, takdelah basuh setiap hari, setiap minggu pun boleh. jangan cakap yang korang cuma ada satu telekung je kat rumah, paling kurang pun mesti ada dua kannnn? bila telekung wangi, nak buat terawih pun jadi semangat, sebab rasa selesa dan lagipun kita nak menghadap allah, for sure we need to smell good. tapi, jangan lupa mandi pulak. kalau telekung je wangi, badan tak wangi, nopeeeee!

3. "Alahaiii, mengantuknya lepas sahur ni"

Benda ni selalu sangat jadi, even myself was in that situation. cant help it tho. lagi lagi tengah cuti ni, lepas solat subuh je, tak lama lepastu, fiungggg mata terpejam sampai tengahari. but, here are some hacks that errr sometimes buat, sometimes tak kisah apa, terus tido.

  • Do something that makes you forget that you are sleepy
okay, i always do this hack lagi lagi school days. what will i do? selalunya saya akan gosok baju, susun buku sekolah malam sebelum, tapi sebab nak bagi diri lupa mata ni mengantuk, saya akan buat semua benda tu lepas sahur atau lepas solat subuh. in another word, i make myself serabut di pagi hari sebab semua benda tak siap lagi. so, saya akan lupa yang saya mengantuk.

other than that, kemas katil siap siap. sebab bila katil dah kemas, mesti rasa bersalah nak baring sebab nanti kena betulkan balik, tapi janganlah ko pergi tidur atas sofa pulak amboiiiiiiii 

  • Do some readings
okay, this is what i have been doing almost everyday. i read. baca apa apa je lah. quran ke, novel ke, buku biologi ke or even wattpad and fanfics. this helps to make me more focus and trains my brain to function properly for a better day hiuhiu

4. Keep your breath fresh

ya, memang mulut orang yang berpuasa ni bau macam kasturi. but, it will not last for a day hahah just saying. so, how to keep you breath fresh throughout the day?

Take a teaspoon of oil (any type of oil that works best for you - coconut oil is the most recommended or sunflower oil), swish it around your mouth for about 10 minutes, yes 10 minutes. then, wash your mouth. oil helps to react with microorganisms in our mouth and get disposed when you wash your mouth. 

This might not be the best option for you. some people might find it gross to put oil in your mouth and gets your mouth greasy and all, but it's good for you. beauty is pain though LOL

5. "I love working out, but how to work out during Ramadhan?"

(how can i leave this picture behind gaissss it looks freakin' good)

ahaaa, this one. selalunya lepas workout, kita mesti terus cari air kan sebab banyak peluh keluar and we are dehydrated. tapi macam mana nak maintain hydrated as in work out masa bulan ramadhan?

Avoid cardio workouts. Banyakkan buat mental workout masa siang macam yoga, senaman yang ringan, just to loose up all the screws in your muscles and joints. To avoid fatigue, work out one hour to one hour and a half before iftar. so that, lepas work out, mandi, you will feel fresh, dan tunggu masa nak berbuka je. 

How to actually maintain your health for you healthy freaks out there?

well, first make sure that your meal for sahoor and iftar is well balanced and following your diet plan. kelebihan lagi bulan puasa ni, kita tak makan banyak, jadi appetite dapat control. jangan ajar otak kata bulan puasa ni untuk berlapar sahaja. nanti kang tak sempat matahari terbit, dah terfikir berbuka ni nak makan apa. no no no. kau yang susah nanti kena layan emosi lapar. 

soooo i think that's all for today. may allah bless us this Ramadhan and do appreciate this holy month. a month which brings 1001 happiness, goodness and spiritual benefits. happy ramadhan al-mubarak gaissss!

// Wassalam