A Change is a MUST

People grow up. From time to time. and suddenly, she will stop. Stop from being who she was. And turns into a butterfly. Decent butterfly.

But, life never meant to be happy forever. There are ups and downs. People come and go. But, she embrace it, because she knows. Nothing lasts forever. Even your brooch would dissapear in any moment. see, even your closest thing can't stand you. 

In life, it meant to be taught by everyone that have ever appeared in your life. Thanks to them, you have learned how to be strong, how to be ruthless, how you can be happy -- and most important thing, how to appreciate. 

But, sometimes, you need a change. There are so many things happening in your life, until that one  time, it's time for you to change. Because you need it. Let me share a story. there was a mouse who went into a maze and found a cheese, after a few times it went into the same way, the cheese ran out. but, the mouse kept on wondering, who moved the cheese? see? life never meant to be in the same way, forever. You need to make a change, choose other path, even better path. 

For yourself. not for others.

Changing what surrounds you will give you a new and approach perspective. Simple thing like changing your outfit, your styles will give you a new positive vibes.

I know it's hard, girl. But, life has taught you everything. Will you keep on going the same way? As the mouse?

Smile. Doing things with the smile will make everything seems much easier. Even when it's hard. And it will let everybody knows that you are ready for whatever comes in your way. It's the best cosmetic and it will never go out of style.

But, never stop dreaming.
You know who you are. Good luck.

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