No more books conquering my bed

It has been pretty much a month after I finished my last spm paper well technically it's tomorrow but who cares really. A day after my paper, I went for vacation for almost a month and I just got back yesterday and guess what, I miss my bed so badddddd look it rhymes wow genius

My life after SPM pretty much what everyone has experienced which I am very mereput and have nothing to do instead of eating, eating, watching k-drama and playing games (and admiring those kdramas guys). And everyone has been asking what did I do on the night of freedom (read: malam kebebasan daripada paper espiyem). Well, what I did was only watching k-drama that I've been urging to watch and I did cheat (a little bit) by watching couple of first episodes of k-dramas that I downloaded during spm that's quite berani hahhahahha and my eyes couldn't endure much of the cahaya from my laptop and I went to sleep quite early considering it was the night that I could do whatever I want but maybe because I was too tired as the last chemistry paper was in the late evening then I went to the beach for a sight-seeing, yeah maybe that's why I was exceptionally exhausted and went to sleep early. 12 a.m. is still early at least, for me lol

( Yes, I did conteng my baju kurung sleeve and was not brave enough to conteng my whole uniform bcs my mom will get mad and i die )

What I love the most is there will be no books on my bed anymoreeeeeee, that's like a joy and the cherry on top of my year. I already packed my books in a box and some of them I gave them away to my cousin who will be sitting for spm next year and there are some books that I put on sale since I didn't use them at all (there are still 3 books left if you wanna buy them just dm me on twitter @amninano) as I just had too many book and didn't have time to read all of them like literally they are just there, wrapped nicely, sitting on my shelf wow so relax you eat nasi kandar eh there? not a bit of fold, and the most epic is the bau kedai is still there. you know bau kedai, when you bought something new and it has this kinda its own scent which we called it 'bau kedai' and it's the most appealing smell evah

I will share with you guys the things I did and went during this whole month and I tell you it was really great sampai demam demam, tonsil bengkak semua lah. Baru sekarang dapat update blog sebab I only lived with internet data and got no wifi T_T kalau ada pun, tak bawak laptop. So sad woo my life without wifi. 

( Look at the joy after sending textbooks awwww ) 

So, during the chemistry paper 3, it was in the evening and of course during that day I was so sleepy and already menguap a few times before entering the exam hall. I guggled up my water and hopefully I will be not that sleepy. and the time guys, was ticking so slowwwwww. just a few more minutes before I could relieve my breath tanda kelegaan, it was so slowwwwwwww I hate it and I kept on shaking my legs as if I want to pee when I'm not. 

Bila ketua pengawas ambik mikrofon, I was like "yessss, this is the time yall". I couldn't hide my smile and was literally excited macam budak nak dapat duit raya. 

I relieved myself and pat myself as giving a good vibe to myself by saying "Alhamdulillah, You've done your best. Good job, amni." Because I finally endured a 4-week in the exam hall answering those questions with the knowledges that I've learnt for two years, all sumbat into that exam papers. There's no turning back. Although, it was a struggle learning those things since they were not my fav but in the end of the day, I had fun learning those subjects. I kept on getting new knowledge every single day. 

All those answers that I've put in that exam papers were all came from Allah. He gave me the ideas, He gave me the strength to face all the challenges, He was the one that helped me when I'm stucked. These are all His. 

( No more seeing these things! yeyyyy )

And now, I can watch k-dramas without kena marah, berjaga malam layan games, and watch TV all day long errrrday dah kbai assalamualaikum and goodnight gais! 

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