and there you go

Assalamualaikum and hello guys!

Things have been quite busy lately. Ive been busy struggling for pre-trial (and this new upcoming trial) and my left eyes have been throbbing since the last two weeks which has been bothering me. and i have no idea why this kind of shit happens bcs i had never experienced it before. 

now, it's almost two thirty in the morning and im still on my bed cuddling my pillow while updating my blog which has been violated (well not really) for quite some time yeahhhhh and now i feel very awkward seeing all these words on laptop screen. well, i should have woken up by now and performing my tahajood (sarcasticly bragging) but ultimately i'm not even sleeping yet. so yeah hahahahah.

Things have been tough and i feel hatred towards myself as i persist on seeing books, books and books for the whole weeks. past year questions, exam papers, and it has been a long time since i felt that my head being all shambled and muddled (and technically or ironically it was not that muddled, it's still well-organized and wise) until now.

despite all the endeavors, i know that it will be paid off. well, eventually with good results (insyaallah ameen) 

actually, this is just a short and quick post as ive been yawning for the last 10 minutes (or an hour ago)

i would like to wish good luck for all the spm candidates. do the best for your trial. break a leg. may your actions speak louder than words. show them what you got. bitaufiq wannajah. everything will be fine. 

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