I cried when I heard the news of my grandfather passed away. My mother called me and she asked me to stay calm and took a deep breath. "Your grandfather is gone"

I couldn't say a word. Whenever I go back to my hometown, I will look at my grandmother and hoping she is not leaving me. She is getting older, her eyes are getting blurred, her legs are getting sore but her spirit and her creature still look beautiful to me.

Losing the person that we love is the most devastating and painful moment. It broke our heart into pieces, it makes us feel hopeless. It's also the most unbearable feeling that not everyone could understand.

I lost my grandfather almost 3  years ago yet he still remains in our mind, and most importantly, our heart. I could still hear his nags in the house, I could still reminisce the moment he took out his cigarette and lit them up. I could still hear him call my name and ask about my condition and I did the same to him too. O Allah, how I miss him so much. Tokwan, if you're hearing me, you have to know that I love you. 

Our heart may be broken, but not our soul. The soul needs to be alive, the soul needs to feel loved, the soul is meant to be powerful. Strong soul leads to the powerful heart. The powerful heart leads to a wonderful human being. 

It touched my heart as soon as I read the title above. I've been there, losing someone who took the deepest place in my heart. I felt lost after he's gone. I felt like half of my spirit just gone.

But, I know that so verily, with the hardship, there's relief.

The sudden death of someone who is very dear to us, who had always been the head and shelter for the whole family brings about an unbearable sorrow to those who were left behind especially the wife and the children. Despite the immense feeling of grief and sadness with the ‘earlier than usual’ departure of a man called ‘Husband, father or daddy’, life still needs to go on but, with unimaginable loneliness. 

As for Hanim Bukhari, the death of her husband, two years ago was too sudden and  came as a huge shock. Her husband, a father of two kids, left for Allah forever, just few hours after an outing to Zoo Negara on the same day. It was devastating. The new situation was very awkward as both of them used to work together and ran their business side by side. 

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Despite the loneliness, Allah is always there for us, accompany the loneliness. He is there, enlighten our dimmed life. When we are at the bottom of our world, there will be someone Allah sends to cure our broken heart. 

Allah gave you trial, because He knows you can endure it. We have to stay strong as we face them. Eventhough, we know it's hard to let things go. Remember that, everything happens for a reason. Allah is there, for us to be strong. Family is surrounds you, to keep you strong.

Hanim and Fairuz with the help of few friends who after frequenting the circles in the mosques  recently, had  succesfully formed a support group called “Al Maqasid” 

The group will be launched soon and the maiden event which include  a series of  forum entitled “The Broken Hearts” will  be held iat  the Sime Darby Convention Center, Mont Kiara on this coming 6th of May 2017.

Among the invited speakers are Ustaz Zul Ramli and Ustaz Iqbal Zain and they will be sharing the stage with few other speakers, talking about their experiences in related  topic.  “The Broken Hearts” is  the  special event starting at 8am till 6pm on that day.

A donation of RM200 is appreciated from each participant to cover the cost of the event (food and refreshmentes provided) and a portion of the contribution shall be channelled to Maahad Tahfiz Al Kholidi, Ulu Yam. The students of the said Maahad will be performing some Qaseedah as fillers and reminders for us of the love of our prophet Muhammad PBUH.

For ticket bookings or any enquiries feel free to contact our representatives  at 016-6156870 or  018-6633478 or you may email to Another alternative is contacting via the instagram itself (

You think you know who should join this? Absolutely. 


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