My abah made me do Ikan Singgang

"Nak masak apa harini?" asked abah
"Taktau. Beli je lah barang apa apa." answered me
"Buat ikan singgang lah harini. Nanti abah beli ikan." said abah

And me : *pengsan*
Also me : *whatsapp mama quickly to ask for recipe*

I should have answered ayam paprik. Damn it.

So, I was going back and forth at the kitchen thinking how am I going to achieve on cooking Ikan Singgang. For those of you who don't know, ikan singgang is one of the most popular dishes in Kelantan and literally, my abah loves the dish so much since it doesn't require any oil. Just boil your things and wallah you have your singgang. And wallahi, I was shaking so hard since I'm not a big fan of ikan singgang. I can eat them, tapi tak bersungguh lah. 

And abah got back with two plastics full of fish. There were ikan selayang and ikan tenggiri. The first thing that I did was checking the ikan selayang wether it has been siang-ed or not. Guess what, no. I know how to siang the ikan, but I usually fail at trimming the fish side where you usually pull out the internal organs of the fish. Usually, it's either I trimmed it too shallow or I trimmed it where the bones attached and ended up poking my finger. padan muka. I think someone should do a workshop on how to siang ikan properly without injuring themselves. And I will be the earliest student to register.

But I managed to do so on that day. I was so relieved. The side was just nice in my preference lah. Imagine if I were shaky and kelam kabut, I bet the fish will not just lose their internal organs, might as well the flesh. So kesian. I hope that the fish's soul will not kacau me in the middle of the night trying to put the blame on me for not respecting the fish after stabbing it. I'm sorry fish. Mintak izin belah perut ikan ni ye nenek moyang ikan. Cucu cuma nak masak dia je *insert cricket sound* *as well as the ghosty music*

And as a typical social media person. Of course I have to update everything, to let everyone knows (and to let everyone knows that I'm a good cook so that the one who has a grown up son, and looking for a wife can recommend me as one of the candidate to their sons) I had this thought way beyond than what was I supposed to write. Oh yeah, ikan singgang.

I did instastories and the only picture I captured was this

And this

I think I'm fancy enough to be someone's lifetime maid lol just kidding ( or I'm not ) No. Really. Just kidding. I still can't get over my korean babies, how can I be someone's partner? I might spend more time with my korean babies than my own partner. Pepandai lah survive ye. 

The final turnout? It was good! It had that sour, salty, sweet, tangy taste to it which what it supposed to taste like. It means, I did it! And I'm still proud with my siang ikan skill. That was lit yall *flips tudung*

I'm not sure if I should do more recipes blogpost. It has been almost a month since I started cooking for almost everyday. It's so enjoyable and great to get to learn such dishes and much more! I've cooked chicken rice, tomato rice, fish curry and many more. Yet, there's still a long way to go and a lot more to learn. Until then, bye. Wassalam.

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